We are the Parrotlette Connection!

Paws and Feathers Aviary is dedicated to providing the highest quality hand raised Parrots in the Tampa Bay Area.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality baby possible. Raising Parrots is our dream and we are happy to provide you with any information you need prior to purchase and after the fact.  As a responsible breeder we encourage you to research the birds as much as possible to ensure you can provide the commitment it takes to own one of these birds.  There is a high commitment level required in owning a Parrot but if it’s something you desire the rewards can last a lifetime.  Given the proper care and exercise a Parrot can last a lifetime.  Your Parrot will enjoy spending his life with you and want your time so be sure you can live up the commitment.


Meet the Babies

All Babies are cared for only by trained certified professionals. Constant social interaction with them occurs to ensure they are the sweetest pets. We have over 800 sq feet of nursery area with all modern updates and security to ensure the birds are the best in the business. We’ve sparred no expense in this business as it’s been our dream.

Available Now:

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ATTENTION, our babies go very fast. If your interested in a baby you MUST reserve one and get on a list. Contact us to reserve your baby.


Our Breeding Pairs


All of our birds are fed quality diets with no expense sparred. We only desire to produce the healthiest stock possible. Nesting material is natural pine shavings we bought online, they are checked regularly to ensure the parents have everything they need. In breeding season extra care is given to the expecting parents and they are monitored by high tech camera systems. Water is changed and checked on a daily basis by Certified individuals in Parrot Care. They are fed supplements and wholesome foods in addition to a high quality pelleted diet.


Our Aviaries


Our aviaries have been hand crafted by ME and I have tendonitis to prove it !  We have the aviaries on their own quality water source. We have many full flight colony cages if possible as I like the birds to have big areas to recreate in.

In addition to high quality cages constructed of high quality material, I use extensive camera and surveillance systems. It has multiple quadrants with locking systems to ensure security. I also have a watchtower with the ability to see the premises at a glance. We also have multiple K9 trained certified dogs that also protect the property, which reminds me in the future will add a section or gallery of cute small and large dog costumes for every occasion so stay tuned!

And if you think you had enough cool stuff to buy for your little feather of joy, I can also design these types of security systems for your aviary for consulting plus design fees.