How It All Began

whiteIt It all started a long time ago in what seemed a galaxy far far away. It all started when I met my wife and she went on and on to me about a bird. I remember saying back then “what can I do with a bird?” My wife replied to me “oh you’ve got to see what a hand fed bird is like, it’s so amazing” So one thing led to another and we couldn’t have dog’s at the time and I remember looking at the birds and my wife pointing to birds that there was no way I could possibly afford.

I remember how bad I felt and how much I wanted to give her an African grey. We were in a chain store and the looking at Cockatiels and the girl said to us let me give you the number of the person I bought my bird from don’t buy one from here! I remember asking her why as half the birds ran when I put my hand down to pick them up- lol So my wife scheduled us to visit the breeder and that’s when our life changed.

I remember going there and feeling like I was in paradise. I had never seen so many colors, so many sounds and so many crazy birds. I remember looking in a barn that had over 50 Cockatoo’s and I heard someone say HI GUY!!! and everytime I looked back I couldn’t figure out who was doing it.

I think I was about hooked then because the birds seemed as odd and crazy as me at the time. Back then I couldn’t find any job that really was going to work out for me and was inbetween jobs. I remember looking at a cage of African Greys and I asked the breeder how much the wild ones in the cage were- back then you could get birds from import and you didn’t know the age or anything and half the birds didn’t make it they would die in import. The breeder said to me I could let you have one of those for $200.00 Oh my gosh I thought… I could get an African Grey for my wife!!!

We brought the bird home and it took me the next 6 months of working with her before she would even not hiss at you. If you have a grey you know the growling hiss Im refering to. I had been bitten by her so many times it wasn’t funny. My wife started working for the breeder part time and learning about the birds. The breeder refered her to one of the best bird doctors in the United States and Ellen worked with him as a vet tech for 3 years learning everything she could and on her off time she worked with breeders and just kept learning.

The amount of work we took on and the amount of birds we had made most people think we were out of our minds- in fact they still think that!!! HA I kept on training, I trained everything I could get my hands on. We became good friends with people who owned a petshop and specialized in Parrots and I was there all of the time. I worked with people who could not train their birds. I started studying breeding and all the types of Parrots too.

492696334rjdwjy_phThe African Grey wild bird I had became a model bird that everyone wanted, I had had several crazy offers on her that I turned down- I loved her too much and she’s still with me to this day. It’s another thing that people don’t consider. Though a bird can be costly, consider the amount of time it can be with you. Many times they outlive their owners. As time went on and were animal lovers one thing led to another and we now have a ranch w/ acerage. I’m able to study the birds and still work with problem Parrots and now try to raise endangered ones.

One of the most important thing you can do for your bird is feed it quality feed. I recommend a high quality pelleted diet. The purchase of a Parrot or any animal is a serious commitment. Research it, understand it and ask questions! We’re here to help email us with any questions you have.