Reigned as the King of talkers the African Grey has amazed humans for their extensive speach and vocabulary. The African Grey is an extremely smart Parrot that can become a one person bird. We have an extensive range of African Greys from Timneh’s to the larger and more colorful Congo.

The Grey is special to me as I trained my first imported Timneh back in the days when the Timneh was an unpopular bird. The Timneh received bad press saying it could not talk like the larger Congo. This can be attributed to the fact that few people had domestic Timnehs as many were unsuccessful getting them to breed. The Timneh now has gained the respect and admiration it deserves but still is the second most popular grey as the Congo’s size and color still keeps it as king.

We have both species available to you at paws and feathers. The grey has it all beauty, speach and intelligence.