The Amazon was our second large Parrot species, a Blue Fronted (Brutus). I was in love with Greys and Ellen wanted a Blue Front. I began to see the differences in Greys to Amazons. All Parrot Species have strengths and weaknesses as pets, there is no golden rule with the birds. There are some differnces that can be noted. Immediately I used to notice the amount of time Brutus would play with toys and climb in the cage. He could always been seen doing somthing that would make me laugh and I was amazed with the acrobatics he would do. The Blue front didn’t have a massive vocabulary, however , he did catch on quick and repeat phrases very well. I also noted he seemed to have a good time with or without you.

Each Parrot will be a direct representation of the amount of time and training you put into them, with that being said let me introduce you to the second if not best talker in the parrot world- the yellow nape. This is an never ending debate. I have napes that have extensive vocabulary and sing opera that are unrivaled by any other bird. The yellow nape is a ASTOUNDING PET I only wish I had been introduced to this bird earlier. The Amazons tend to have little inhibitions, they will entertain you with their speach as well as obscure antics and acrobatics. Their strength lie in the fact that they are not as ‘needy’ as a pet and will train quickly to talk but not be as sensitive as some. I would classify these birds as lower maintainence then some of the other species and if your looking for a talking Parrot this could be your next feathered friend.

We currently raise the following Amazons:

Blue Fronted- All Chaka’s (yes there is a difference)

Double Yellowhead aka DYH

Yellow Napes – the undisputed best singers …