Frequently asked Questions

The purchase of a Parrot or any animal is a serious commitment. Research it, understand it and ask questions! We’re here to help contact us with any questions you have.

Q. Does Paws and Feathers Ship ?
A.Yes, we will ship babies upon request.

Q. Is it expensive to ship?
A. No, it’s around 100 or so to ship and there’s nothing to it.

Q. How much are your birds?
A.  If your price shopping we are competitive.  We are certainly not the cheapest nor the most expensive.  Our birds are some of the healthiest birds you can find and they are fed the best.  You cannot produce the best and be the cheapest.  We have sanitary conditions and your bird is handled by trained staff that care.  By providing this kind of support we can ensure you receive a high quality companion that will give you years and years of companionship.

Q. Whats the best bird?
A. Well here’s a tough one, I always say pound for pound I like ringnecks and Quakers.  These birds have a high possibility for talking and are very inexpensive at 150 or so.  The ringneck is one of the perfect definitions of a bird (my opinion) take a look at the colors of them.  Of course I love all the birds but I recommend these birds to people getting their feet wet that want a step up from a cockatiel but not ready for big parrots.

Q.  Are greys the best?  I heard they talk the best
A.  Again this is subjective to many factors on your desires in a pet.  I have Yellow Napes that sing and talk with clarity that is as good or better.  I also have many breeder friends that believe Napes are as good or better talkers.  I have seen that greys vocabularies usually will be greater then most napes, however, I also found Napes sing better then most greys.  I love both birds and each have something to offer.  Amazons are not as shy as Greys and will put on shows which I really enjoy.  As you can see I’m not partial to either, I love them both.

Q. You ever get bit?
A.  Yes too many times to count and it hurts!