The colorful and mystical Macaws have fascinated us since the moment we first saw them. The Macaw can be an excellent speaker but is known for being comical and entertaining. Just one look at the beautiful colors make you wonder, what kind of place could such a beautiful animal live in nature? The thought that comes to mind is tropical paradise, nothing is more beautiful then to see them in live flight. Macaws due to their size need special cage considerations to exercise. They will love to sit on top of their cage and amuse you with speech and antics for hours. I laugh still to this day when they rock back and forth and communicate with me. .

Please consult us for any questions and concerns for care. We’d be more then happy to help match you with the correct type of bird for the lifestyle in which you live. Proper thought before hand can help insure you receive the pet you really desire.

We currently raise the following Macaws:

Blue and Gold